What to Do When You’re Accused of Tax Evasion?

While you thought you were doing all the right things and filing your taxes properly, you might have come across a nasty surprise. You were accused of tax evasion, and now you’re being investigated by the IRS for tax fraud.

Avoiding paying your taxes is a serious offense, one that could land you in trouble for a long time. You’ll need to know what to expect and whether you need a tax attorney on your side. If you don’t fight back, you could be left with jail time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties.

Is It a Scam?

Fortunately, you might not be in trouble after all, though you may need to be concerned about attempts to get your information. Some scammers may pose as respected institutes to demand your information.

As such, if the message you received seemed suspect, and you believe you weren’t guilty of tax evasion, you may need to contact a tax attorney about your case. They’ll review the letter and whether it comes from a legitimate source. If it does, they can help you address the situation and deal with the consequences for the accusations.  

Defending Your Claim

If the message is from the IRS, and you’ve been accused of tax evasion, you’ll need to act quickly to defend yourself. A criminal prosecution can hurt your reputation and your future, so you’ll need to be prepared before the investigation.

First, it’s important to gather evidence that you were innocent of these offenses. Accusations may include failing to report income, failure to file a return, or willfully making false statements about your income and tax returns.

Once you’ve gathered evidence that you aren’t guilty for the charge, you’ll need to prepare your case with an attorney, who can help you overcome your charges. They’ll review your claim and determine how best to get your case dismissed before you head to court.

Contact a Professional

When you’re accused of tax evasion, taking action is vital. If you don’t, between the financial penalties and the criminal record a conviction may leave you with, your future could be on the line. That’s why it’s important that you seek out an attorney before you act. If you’re not sure it’s not a scam, they can help you figure out your situation and act accordingly.

If you’re under suspicion of fraud, you may need a professional on your side. While you may believe you were innocent, you may still need to protect your future from accusations of fraud. Instead of hoping that they find you innocent, make sure you have someone on your side who can prove you were innocent.