Chicago Slip-and-Fall: A Painful Experience

Our next story comes from Chicago after a serious slip-and-fall accident in a local store. If you’re ready to anonymously share your story, write to us. We might even share yours here.

Is this thing on? Ha, just a little humor before we get to the serious part. Nobody really seems to want to hear about a bad injury, so I like to keep it a little light.

Really, I didn’t expect to be telling this story today. I thought I was in big trouble with my injuries, and that was just how life was going to be from now on. I’m glad that I’m lucky enough to be telling this story today, and hopefully, some of you readers can at least get a kick out of an old lady’s story.

My In-Store Accident

I do most of the grocery-shopping for my family, or at least I did. The kids and the husband are a little forgetful, so if you want something done right . . . well, you know how it goes. For me, then, it was just the average Saturday.

I was in the soda aisle when it happened. I guess someone must have opened up a drink and spilled it. Next thing I know, splat! I’m flat on my back and seeing stars.

I thought the damage wasn’t so bad at first, but then I couldn’t stand. They called both an ambulance and my family—scared my kids to death, let me tell you—and sent me on to the doctor.

I found out that I wasn’t too hurt, or at least, there was nothing life-threatening. I had knocked myself out and gotten a concussion for it, and my knee was definitely in bad shape. It looked like I had a softball stuck in my leg, and that wasn’t a good feeling.

Almost immediately, they were talking surgery, and I wasn’t looking forward to that. It’s hard to joke around when the options are so dire.

How I Got Help

When I weighed my options, I was a little relieved to hear from my Chicago injury lawyer that my injuries would be covered by my settlement, which included surgery. Still, I was having a lot of trouble with my injuries even after surgery. The pain was extremely bad, and it’s hard to keep my kids on their toes when I’m stuck in bed, eating painkillers.

So, I branched out a little bit. I’d heard a friend talking about essential oil and physical therapy. Now, I’m not one to dabble in anything too wild, but I couldn’t lay around and wait to get better. There’s just too much to do for that.

So, I spoke to a therapist and an essential oil specialist. Soon, I was dabbing some concoction on my aches and pains along with ice packs and my doctor’s recommendations. Then, I started my daily exercises to build my knee back up to as good as new.

Reaching Out for Alternatives

To my surprise, I found myself feeling better fast. Sure, I was keeping up with my doctor’s orders, too, but they had me on bedrest and pain relievers, and that wasn’t enough. Now, I’m back to running errands, running at the park for a little exercise, and running after my kids.

My doctor is always my first choice, but now, I see the appeal of trying a few alternatives. So, if you’re like me and your current options just aren’t enough, alternative medicine might be what you need. Talk to your doctor, of course, then take the extra steps you need to get yourself back to normal.